Our company, which started to act in 1984 works retail and whole trading of metal. Dating from 1998 trade life continued on manufacturing decorative and aesthetic articulated pipe. We aim to reach high Quality and fast service in the 2000 m in-door area. We export to be at the point of our nearneighbours countries and assorted countries of the world.
Every last day incredsed our market share worldwide with our increasing product ranges. We continue better service with our wide product and ample stock, not to make concessions.

-- 鎰 林 精 機 企 業 有 限 公 司 --
YI LIN Precise Machines Enterprise Co., Ltd.

181 Industrial 11th Rd., Tali Industrial Park, Tali, Taichung Hsien, Taiwan 412
Tel: 886-4-2491-6669 (Rep.) Fax: 886-4-2491-0997
E-mail: a8568@ms8.hinet.net